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We show on our site a limited number of "Best Value" & "Outstanding Experience"

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Affordable West Hawaii Vacations


Proudly Maintained Accomodations for You And Your Family

At the Best Location and Optimal Elevation in North West Kona

Inflation Buster Bargain Prices to Fit Your Travel Budget


At Kona Comfort we do most of the work ourselves -- we don't have to jack up rates to pay for lots of outside

contracted services. We calculate our rates as low as we can go and still generate adequate funds to properly

maintain the large grounds and the spacious living spaces.

Our main objective is to provide high calibre experiences for our current season of guests and that same

experience repeated for those who return in the years to come. Situations where guests can stay for longer

durations, costs us less and we gladly pass those savings back in our long term rates that start at just seven days!

Most of our guests are interested

in stretching their dollars,

and so here are a few pointers.



One                  Consider A Longer Stay.

When you consider that you get a better rate and that you can take advantage of buying food in bigger units at

Costco, you can significantly affect your cost per day by taking advantage of a longer trip! When you stay a month

at a KonaComfort Rental, we discount 35%, that's a hard deal to beat. Things like large boxes of cereal at Costco

cost you about the same as a small box at a regular grocery store -- with a little comparison you may find a longer

trip does not cost much more than a shorter trip!

Two                  Plan Well In Advance.

Our bookings are less sparse as a rule the further you inquire into the future. You are less likely to meet obstacles

like someone else booked on the last day you wanted to book if you work 6 or more months into the future.

Similarly, our car rental companies, the airlines, will have less inventory open for you if you want to arrive with

short notice. You can make a great deal on our rentals, then lose your advantage by having to fly in at a higher

rate than you could have or having to rent a larger or more expensive car had you booked when they had

available less expensive units.

Three               Do Get A Guidebook (if you have been here before still pre-plan at home).

You can save money on gas, and get more adventures into your vacation by looking at what is in near vicinity of

key places you want to see. Many times you will miss opportunities that were right in front of you if you don't take

the time to do some research before you even start your trip. No reason to back track and go back to an area of

the Island if you know it is there to start with.


Four                 Estimate Your Spending Before You Leave For Your Stay Here.

If you just reach into your wallet or purse and pull out a credit card every time the impulse strikes, you may be

shocked at what bills you ran up when you do get back home. Set what you want to spend at home where you

won't be so distracted by the temptations everywhere to spend money. For example, if you figure you have $200

for expenses a day (things like your car gas, eating out, groceries, souvenirs, events) -- at home try to estimate for

most of your days here where you will be, what is close, what it would cost to participate.

Most of us can't do everything on a realistic budget. Try to make choices at home and then stick with your plan

when you are here. You can keep receipts in your wallet or purse, and after each day of adventure try to tally what

you have spent before the next day begins. You may have to do some corrections (spend less some days) but you

can't correct it unless you are aware of it. You can't be aware of it if you don't try to audit your own behaviour.

One method that works well is to have some "free days" where you have nothing specific planned. You can just go

to the beach (a treasure of an experience in and of itself) if you are running "over budget".

If you have stayed on budget you will likely think of many things not on your list to occupy the time and reward

yourself for not overspending.

Another method is to target "one big expenditure" or "two big expenditures" (etc.) and keep the rest of your trip to

touring and sightseeing and the beaches which are low cost.

If you do this method you would intentionally put your "big expenditure/s" toward the end of your trip (or spaced

midway from one another if you have more than one -- but NOT at the start if you have only one).

If you see you are overspending you can eliminate the "big expenditure" from your plan and "balance your

budget". Also, if you know you might not get to do "a biggie" if you overspend -- that could be all the incentive you

need to stay within your forecast -- you would "get a reward" if you can make your budget goal, and that is good


Five                 Fill up Your Automobile Gas at Costco Before You Leave to Tour

Costco is the least expensive gas on this side of the Island. Anyone can join Costco, and the membership is likely

worth it to you if you are going to be in town for more than a few days. You can save about 30 cents a gallon at

Costco versus many filling stations down town. Please see our FAQ pages with two topics that talk about Costco to

learn more.  The FAQ topics discuss where Costco is located and where to shop for groceries, and those topics

are titled "Costco, How far away are your from Costco?" and "Groceries, Best Places for PRICE?" and

"GROCERIES ON WAY TO HOUSE -- Costco off Hina Lani Street"

Six                   Take Advantage of Better Prices at Local Markets and Roadside Vendors for Fish and Vegetables

Besides helping support the small farmers, you will often find more bang for your buck by visting the independent

vendors at our local farmer's markets. Once you have had a chance to visit and get some idea of the prices for

things you are interested in, you can also feel comfortable when you see a roadside vendor (to know if the prices

are within range). Downtown in Kailua, right on the main drag on All'i Drive is a thriving outdoor market that is open

except Mondays. We have been told that if you wander in toward late afternoon (nearer to "quitting time" you can

get some better prices as vendors would rather sell than pack it back home in many cases.


Seven               Remember to Plan for Essentials and Buy Them Before Your Outtings.

You will very likely need comfortable light weight shoes like slippers. You will likely need a good sunscreen. You will

be glad if you take some water or drinks with you and a small ice chest to keep your drinks and perhaps a snack

cool. Are you happy with your sunglasses? If not, get good ones before you venture out for long trips.

Rather than get out away from discount stores like Wal-Mart, K-Mart or Costco, buy these essentials first, then go

on your trips -- you can save a lot with these types of pre-planning.

Eight                 You Can Eat Out Smart.

If you want to stretch your dollar and you like fast food -- note which fast food establishments have daily specials.

McDonalds has a dollar menu that they don't have right in front of your face but it is there. The McDonalds in

Kailua town allows you to get three drink refills -- so you save a portion of money by eating the value menu at

McDonalds & buying their small drinks with the refills.

Likewise, not all restaurants are a good value. Ask other visitors you encounter what their opinion was of places

they patronized.

Some food establishments may seem pricey but the portions are large -- simply knowing where and what to expect

you can go in and buy a meal and split it, or eat half at lunch, take the rest home for dinner. One example of a

place that serves very good but gigantic portions is Chubbies in the Bowling Alley of all places.

Nine                 No Need to Overdress -- In Fact It Can COST YOU in more ways than one!

You can dress simple and very much enjoy your trip. $50 shirts and designer shoes won't impress anyone and

won't protect you from the sun and ocean better than a t-shirt and slippers. You can visit the local thrift stores and

pick up some plain clothes if you did not pack any. Another consideration of over dressing is that it makes you

stand out -- you are more likely to be quoted a higher price at markets if you are profiled as a tourist.


Is it True?         That the best things are FREE?   (We think so.)

Frankly, once you get the shock of Hawaii out of your system, many people come to look forward to "the simple

things", "the little things", "the natural things" -- which is what Hawaii is really all about.

Just like coming here to only ever eat at McDonalds would be a tragedy (not tasting the local food), only coming

here to stay in shopping plazas or only going on expensive tours is totally ignoring the core value of this wonderful


There is an abundance of beauty, lots of open spaces, unique to these Islands interesting things to see and places

to experience. There are scores of engaging local people, mixed in with a constantly revolving set of visitors to our

Islands, all here, on stage for you to observe; and yet you can get to know many of these people and "talk story"

and learn from interacting with them.

The generous essence of Hawaii is not for sale, you don't need cash or credit card to share it. Just set your

destination to be Hawaii, arrive and open your eyes; you don't have to do anything special to earn these privileges, 

you don't have to obtain a ticket or be put on a special list; it's all ready, open and available to everyone!



As we do upgrades we choose to install devices that may cost more than cheaper alternativess but over their life

significantly reduce energy consumption. We consciously do landscaping that is often more time consuming or

physically difficult but will pay off better in the future because our choices will be the most beneficial to our property,

the neighborhood and the generations not yet born to come. We use manual or natural pest control versus "easy

chemicals" every opportunity we can.

When you stay with us, you'll find the decor is coordinated and the layout is user friendly. The grounds naturally

flow over the existing features of the property and the end results are that this works for multiple types of guest

interests. Every outside zone is different (like each living space is different) so you have less to get bored with,

more to occupy your senses. Diversity wins over the carbon copy mentality of quickly throwing a living space

together, then leaving it for years at a  time. We would not think to put the same flooring in every space, the same

window treatments, the same dishes, the same discount store pictures. We like to improve, change, blend, move

mix, put new life into the spaces.

Your experience staying with us goes beyond the surface appearance... Our guests consistently mention "This

place has a nice aura", "I had such a wonderful impression",  "It is like I'm home and I treated it like home" -- we

think it is the combination of all the good energies from much hard work that is operating in harmony all together.

We've been developing these living spaces and this property for over eight years taking lots of opportunities to

improve and tweak, so the combined effect is many distinct layers transcending multiple times of consuming

processes; these seem very seamless and transparent but all this work, time and effort is very much a part of your

experience when you stay with us. It did not take expensive or "expert" revamping, it was more a matter of working

with what we had, putting priorities of what would be important to guests and considering how each piece

interacted with another, projecting how our guests would react to and feel to achieve more of that "Kona

Comfortable" goal; and also considering how the environment and the natural creatures and plants in it would be

kept best in tact.

If you think of something we have forgotten or would like another subject covered in this section, please feel free to

email us!

Our best wishes to all those considering to visit and stay with us

...from the folks at Kona Comfort Vacation Rentals, Big Island (Hawaii)


Kona  Comfort's   "Vendor  Coupons  &  Specials  Page"


We watch the local ads that show up in direct mailings, etc., that might apply to things of interest to our guests.

We may miss some expiration dates before we remove them, so check them close before you try to use them.

If you know of any specials that should be here please share by using the "Contact Us" menu button.

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