We are just moments from the Kona International Airport [KOA].

You come from the airport toward Kailua [turn right from airport drive onto QK Highway] (Highway

19 or Queen Kaahumanu Highway) until you come to Hina Lani Street. That is the same major

street that runs next to Home Depot, the new credit union building, and you can see Costco from


If you go PAST Home Depot and see Costco as you drive by you just missed the street!

If you see on your left a gas station and mud pie factory -- you missed the street it is a bit back.

If you get so far as to see the Transfer Station (aka "Dump") on the left, the police station on the

left or the Honokohau harbor on the right you are way past the turn.

Anyway turn left from the airport highway onto Hina Lani. Take it all the way up — it is steep and

winds some but it only goes up one direction. This should take a couple of minutes to reach the

top, it is about 4 miles.

At the top you are at Palani Road — the busy one that goes all the way back downtown. Turn

right onto Palani Road. If you go left you end up toward Saddle Road and then Waimea.

As you travel down Palani you should look at the street signs that are marked on the right

side of the highway. Each street is announced on the signs BEFORE you get to them.

These are sometimes hard to see at night or have plants obstructing. Just remember it is a short

distance and just a moment to drive usually.

About a minute and you will see Hao Kuni announced, turn right onto Hao Kuni. It is just .7 to .8

mile from the turn off from Hina Lani until you get to Hao Kuni!

Right before Hao Kuni there is a bend in the road and on the left will be signs that say Church of

Christ and Grace Community Church. Then there will be an intersection that is highway 180 that

goes to Holualoa with a stop sign for that intersection. Sometimes cars are parked for sale. You

go past this intersection.

If you see a daycare (Creative Day Preschool) on the left or a Methodist Church (Kona United

Methodist Church sign) on the right you have just passed it. If you get down to where the stores

are you are way past, so turn around and go back up. You will then eventually see the daycare on

the right and the Methodist Church on the left, look for the Hao Kuni on the bottom of the signs,

going up the hill that street will (now) be on your left if you are going UP Palani Road. If you are

going back UP the hill we are right past the MILE MARKER 36 which is where the church is and

the daycare, the next intersection is Hao Kuni. From the turn off onto Hao Kuni from Palani Road

it is about .2 -.3 of a mile to the house, on the left side. You may see some "Chicken Crossing"

signs on either side of the street we are past those.

The address is 74-1496 Hao Kuni [Kailua-Kona, HI  96740].

The house is on the left side, if at night especially you will see a blue fire hydrant marker in the

middle of the street (we are the second marker coming down). We are at a less steep incline in a

gray Plantation style house with four of those big tall fan shaped "palm" plants in front, behind a

rock wall. If you see over the wall there is a circular drive to the left. You would just drive straight

to the right of the circular drive and park anywhere convenient. Parking on the gravel is okay.

This completes the "easy driving directions"


Now -- a bit more specific.

For those who miss Hao Kuni going down the hill (Palani Road).

This can happen. If you see MILE MARKER 36, you just missed the street turnoff. Also you will

just see on your right going down the hill the Kona Korea or Kona United Methodist Church and

on the other side (left) Creative Day Preschool.

If you continue going down the hill you will see Pamahola Street, Ulul'o'a Street, Tomi Tomi

Street, Vaimana Street, Iwalini Place, Kealakaa Street, an over head walkway, Palihiolo Street.

At MILE MARKER 37 you can see the Ocean and the coastline. You will see Kona Lani Street, the

sign for the Queen Liluokaui subdivision on a rock sign, then a bit later on the left a big white

water storage tank, the road splits into three lanes (one going down) at this point.

At MILE MARKER 38 you aill see a water purification station on the right, then Henry Street and a

Stop Light and a turn off to Makalapua Street which is where K-Mart is.

This is a major intersection that is Queen Kaphumanu, the same that goes North (right) to the


If you continue straight (you will going toward the main town), you will see Tesoro Gas on right,

Wendy's, The Kona Coast Shopping Center. On the left you will see Lahihau Center, you may

notice the exercise machines facing the street from "The Club" exercise facility.

On the right you will see Kona Kai and Light House Camera and Taco Bell.

As you continue you will see a major street, Kuakini. You can see on left Kona Seaside Hotel and

across the street is the newly built American Savings Bank.


miss or do not turn on Hina Lani when coming from the airport. When you turn right from the

airport that main highway is Queen Kaphumanu Street. If you miss the turnoff it is not a big deal.

And some people want to go downtown first. So you know you are not lost, I will list some things

you would expect to see.

Travelling South from the airport (turn right from airport onto Queen Kaphumanu Street), the first

main street you will see is Hina Lani. That is the street to take to go directly up to the house.

However, if you do not turn you will see at the stop light the Kaloko Shopping Center Sign. Some

of the stores you can see the signs of will be Nella Pietra, Aloha Woods, Noa Koa, Coca Cola,

Tesoro, Roberts Hawaii, Kona Trade Center, Suisan, Aloha Plus Storage, Better Brands, Power

Self Storage.

As your travel south you will pass the Oceanic Time Warner Cable building on the left.

As you continue you will see on the right the Kaloko Honohohau Historic State Park on the right at

an intersection with a turn.

On the left you will see Tesoro Gas, and Melton Fishing Supplies at another intersection and turn

on the left.

Further and you will see on the right the intersection that goes to the Honolohau Harbor. On the

left is Kelakehe Parkway that goes to Kealakehe High School.

As you go further you will see another intersection and on the left some high towers with


On the left will be the dump (they call it a transfer station) and on the same street is the Police

Station and the animal shelter or Humane Society.

Further you will see a big building with American Machinery on it and some tractors outside.

Further you will see K-Mart on the hill on the left and on the right you will see many businesses as

you approach the main city.

As you continue there will be a big intersection. On the left you can take Makalapua Shopping

Center which has K-Mart and a movie theatre. On the right you will see a big building that is HPM

(a hardware store) and also a big complex called the Kona International Market. You can also see

roof signs of places like Curves and Payday Loans.

The main intersection you come to is Kaiwi Street. We mention this in the FAQ to get to a


You will see signs of businesses like Big Island Divers, Azade Fine Rugs, Kona Honu Divers,

Harley Davidson.

You should be able to see on the left Wal-Mart on the hill.

At the intersection, this is Palani Road. Palani Road goes up the hill and if you take it far

enough it will go to the street the house is on (Hao Kuni). You would take Palani Road to go

to the house which is a left turn or you can turn right to go to the main town.

If you go further you will reach another major intersection, Henry Street. You will see Central

Pacific Bank on the corner (Wal-Mart directly across). Again, you can turn left to intersect with

Palaini Road and get to the house or turn right to go to the town.

If you elect to go on Henry, just take Palani Road right.

If you took Palani Road earlier you are already headed toward the house.

Essentially, take the road up the hill this will take a couple of minutes. You will see a suspended

walkway that you will cross under. This means you are getting close. Look for the mile makers,

you will pass MILE MARKERS as you go up Palani Road. MILE MARKER 38 is toward the bottom

by Henry or the main town. You will go past a white water tank on the right and then MILE

MARKER 37, you may see Tomi Tomi street, Ululoa Street, Pamahola Street, then Creative Day

Preschool on right and Kona Korean or Methodist Church on left this is very close, soon you will

see MILE MARKER 36, Hao Kuni is right after that on the left.

If you miss Hao Kuni going UP the hill (Palani Road), you will see on a bend of the road on

the right (going up the hill)  a sign that says Church of Christ or Grace Community Church.

Eventually you would see the turn off to Highway 180 on the right that goes to Holualoa, there is a

stop sign there for traffic coming from 180 onto Palani Road.

Eventually you would get back to Hina Lani, that goes all the way back down past Costco and

Home Depot and gets you back to the main highway of Queen Kaphumanu that runs to town

toward the South or to the airport if you go North, at the bottom of Hina Lani, you would turn left to

go South toward town or right to go North toward airport.

If you do not turn on Hina Lani -- Going further up on Palani Road, on your right you will see a big

shopping "center" that has a gas station toward the left, Matsuyama Food Mart taking most of the



Directions To and From Kona International Airport [KOA]

From/To Kona Comfort Rentals





How It



Airport to

Our Street

Is Just 4 Turns!

1. Exit the airport,

right turn onto QK

Highway (also

known as

Highway 19).

2. When you get

to the traffic

signal, that

should be Hina

Lani Street, turn

left to go up the


3. At the top of

the hill, get into

the right lane and

turn right onto

Palani Road

4. When Palani

Road intersects

with Hao Kuni,

turn right -- that's

our street!

5. We are two fire

hydrants down,

on the left, 4 fan

palms and a rock

wall in front --

74-1496 Hao



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